Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a kind and gentle practice that emphasizes proper breathing and alignment, as well as the inner spiritual dimensions of the yogic traditions. Kripalu is the Sanskrit word for compassion. Each student is encouraged to listen to their own body and work within their individual strengths and degree of flexibility. Yoga encourages the simultaneous development of mind, body and spirit, bringing them into balance and harmony. Through regular practice, you progress naturally to a more deeply integrated understanding of your body and the part its wellbeing plays in stimulating your mind and refreshing your spirit.

Kripalu Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of yoga experience.

The Three Stages of Kripalu Yoga:

Stage I: Learning the postures and breathing techniques and exploring the body’s abilities.

Stage II: Lengthening the time postures are held to develop concentration and inner awareness.

Stage III: Meditation in Motion ~ a period when transition from one posture to another occurs unconsciously and spontaneously.

The Pranayama breathing exercises are crucial in getting grounded, staying grounded, breathing in poses, and in meditation and relaxation at the end of the practice. The breathing exercises help strengthen the lungs, the endocrine system, clearing toxins from the body and bringing the nervous system into balance. The relaxation at the end brings their practice altogether as students are encouraged to ‘let go’ and just allow their body to totally relax; the mind is at ease, this is equivalent to three hours of sleep as the body is so relaxed. Students are given exercises that they can continue to do as a home practice.

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