Iridology / Eyeology


Iridology / Eyeology

What is it and how it works: It is the scientific analysis of health by examination and evaluation of the structure and patterns in the iris, sclera and pupil of the eye, with a view to better understanding the state of the health of the total body of an individual person.

The iris contains detailed fibers and pigmentation that reflects our physical and psychological makeup. When an organ or body system is in poor health, the nerve running from that body part will start to recede. When it does, it draws with it various degrees of the layers of fibers which makeup the color in the iris of the eyes, leaving darkened marks called lesions.

Since every organ and part of the whole body is represented in the iris, an iridologist can read the various marks and signs to identify weaknesses or over-activity in the body, so that future problems can be avoided.

An iridologist can identify inherited physical and emotional ways in which we react to our environment and what symptoms are most likely to result, the parts of our body or organ systems that are more likely to have symptoms, and the areas in which we are likely to be vulnerable as we age. The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, and levels of health and transitions that take place in person’s body according to the way one lives.

The consultation will take approx. 1 ½ hour, followed with a discussion after a few days, when you will get your written report regarding the status of every organ and tissue analyzed and a nutritional and supplements recommendation.

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